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Sr. Program Development Manager (SRI International)

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Since November 1997 I have been employed as a research engineer with SRI International (many years ago called the Stanford Research Institute). I am engaged in several electromagnetics and aerospace engineering projects.

From October 1996 to July 1997 I was a Visiting Scholar with the Space, Telecommunications, and Radioscience Laboratory (STAR Lab) in the Department of Electrical Engineering. I was involved in research on the Tethered Satellite System Reflight and the publication of mission results. This included work with the research groups at University of Michigan and at the Air Force Geophysics Group from Phillips Labs, Hanscom Field, MA. Primary emphasis was on understanding the current collection processes and plasma interactions at the Shuttle Orbiter during the high voltage (3480 V), high current (1 A), event which led to the tether break at approx. 20 km deployed length.

I completed my Aeronautics and Astronautics Ph.D. (Conferred Sept. 1996) doing research in the STAR Lab at Stanford University. My advisors were Prof. Tony Fraser-Smith, Prof Brian E. Gilchrist (Univ. of MI) and Prof. Peter M. Banks (Univ. of MI).

My dissertation involved spacecraft charging studies using a tethered satellite as a remote potential reference and data obtained during the first Tethered Satellite System mission (TSS-1) with the Shuttle Electrodynamic Tether System experiment (SETS) and other TSS-1 instruments. I was also engaged (at a very low level) in the support of the tether system reflight (TSS-1R), which was launched on February 22, 1996.

I also graduated from M.I.T in 1984 with a B.S. in Physics, from Stanford in 1985 with an M.S. in Aero/Astro, and from Stanford in 1992 with an M.S. in Electrical Engineering.

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